Accommodation during the Festival San Fermin

What you prefer¡ To get a good accommodation during the Festival is not very easy if we are very close to it. 

We offer three kind of accommodation:

Prices are  different according of the accommodation and how many days you will stay. 

Hotels in the center

We only work with two hotels in Pamplona, the only ones who offer an special program for the Festival and live the “Fiesta” from inside. Some of the bullfighter are there everyear as well. The atmosphere is according with the Festival at the same time that you could rest and have a quality in services.


There are available some apartments in the center for people who wants to be in a private apartment during the Festival. This option required a minimun of 2 nights.

Private rooms

This is an another autenthic option that I coud offer is to be in a private apartment in the center and live with the owner of it.

There are differents options, private bathroom or shared bathroom. This is a good optiion to know more from the insider about the festival.

Countryside Rural houses

The option who are looking for the beauty of the nature plus the Festival.

You decide what it's the best to you!!!!



Accommodation during the Festival San Fermin

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