Rent a balcony to watch "pobre de mi"

“Pobre de mi” is the closing ceremony which ends the Festival San Fermin; this is one of the most emotional events during the Festival. It happens each 14th of July at midnight in the city hall of Pamplona. The Mayor and another members will be there to say goodby to the Festival. Everything happen in the middle of a very special atmosphere that only if you are there could feel.

To watch the “pobre de mi” from a good balcony, in front of the facade of the city hall, candles, people singing...everything is a very quiet way it makes one of the best events of the Festival.

If you want to take part of “Pobre de Mi” just contact to us....



Rent a balcony to watch "pobre de mi"

Balconies to watch Pobre de mi, 14th of July 2024

Rent a balcony included:

Access to the apartment at 23.00 and watch all the amaizing atmosphere of Pobre de mi. Some drinks and snacks will be served.

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