Rent a balcony to watch the bullrun San Fermin

The bullrun is one of the most exciting events what happens during the Festival San Fermín; the best way to watch it is from a good balcony.

We are locals, insiders and know which are the best balconies in the city.

We offer the best balconies around the track and guarantee the quality of the views.

Here are you are the most interesting areas to watch the bullrun which we have balconies:

Santo Domingo Street: this is the first strech of the race. Its a dangerous part, specially in the last part where the runners don't have a refuge and the bulls are very strong and fast at the beginning of the track. All Santo Domingo Street has up 10% of slope and it´s about 280m till arrive to the city hall.

Mercaderes-Estafeta bend: It´s called the dead corner. The 6 bulls, some of them slip to fall, others keep on in balance; meanwhile expresions of the runners, faces in troubles, etc. There are great views.

Estafeta Street: longest stretch of bull run; total of 300 meters. From this stretch usually it´s possible seeing beautiful races. Why? Because in the corner mercaderes-estafeta very often the herd is separated and the length of the street allowed to happen them. Great views from balconies.

To rent a balcony contact to us.

We want you come, enjoy and repeat La Fiesta.

Rent a balcony to watch the bullrun San Fermin

Rent a balcony to watch the bullrun 2024

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Rent a balcony included access to the flat before tha bullrun and the chance to talk to the owner about the bullruns. At the same time, you will enjoy spanish breakfast and watch the TV. There is a toilet available.

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