Rent a balcony to watch the Chupinazo

Chupinazo is the opening ceremony of the Festival San Fermin; every 6th of July at noon miles of people meet in the city hall of Pamplona; just one minute before the fireworks, something very special happen: everybody keep up his red scarf and loud VIVA SAN FERMIN/GORA SAN FERMIN. The city hall became a ball of powerful energy!

The best and safe way to live this exciting moment is from a good balcony located in the city hall. If you really want to live this moment contact to us with a very delicious aperitiv and champagne.


Rent a balcony to watch the Chupinazo

Balconies to watch the Chupinazo on the 6th of July 2024

Rent the balcony included:

Access to a private property around 10.45h till 13.30. In the beautiful living room will be served a delicious aperitiv with champagne.

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