Tickets for bullfights

Every year, during the Festival of the bulls in Pamplona (5-14th July) happens the Sanfermines festival (6-14th July). Everyday (5-14th July) there is in the Arena a bullfight. Miles of people will go to live this special and unic atmosphere.

Before buying the tickets you have to choose where is the spot/seat which you prefer to watch the bullfight. Bassically there are 3 floors with two main categories-high and low, and within them important details is whether the precise seats are in the sun or in the shadow.

!Ah¡... spanish curiosity: in Pamplona when you go to the arena you bring your snacks ¡Viva San Fermín!


Tickets for bullfights

Booking bullfight tickets 2024

Prices depent of the locations and the days; Also there is the option in being the closest to the Arena which calls barrera/contrabarrera tickets. In case that you are interested in please le us know in coments.


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